Basic Advice for Novice Football Punters

It’s time to finish what we started last time – helping you find your way around the world of betting and getting ahead of what you even expected of yourself. Now it’s time to get into the more advanced topics. Let’s continue!

Number One: Learn How Odds and Expected Values Work

There’s no way of going around this – there’ll be some math and calculations involved in your ventures. You’ll have to read up on some statistics and you’ll come across the term “probability” sooner or later. You need to analyze the things you find and evaluate what the chances are of Barcelona to win for example. Another key thing here are the odds – find out how the 3 different types of odds work and how to calculate your winnings according to them.

Number Two: Think analytically

Compare the factors that may play a role in a match. Is Messi injured? What’s the weather like? Did everyone show up to practice yesterday? Researching all these things and taking your time to imagine what they’d mean to you is super important. It’ll make the difference from a successful bet to a bunch of cash lost. Another thing you’ll have to learn to analyze is your own performance. Keep track of your bets and monitor your mistakes. That way it will be much easier for you to identify your potential weaknesses and you’ll be able to correct them.

Number Three: Put Quality over Quantity

Remember that going hard on gambling is not the best way to make a lot of money. Just the contrary – the key to success is to discover the best opportunities to bet on, and not to stake money on every match this Sunday. The same goes for odds – shop around and don’t go for the 20, 2 odd for a team you’ve never heard of. Yes, the winning may be substantial, but chances are you’ll just lose your money.
In conclusion, betting on football is really not that hard, you just need to be smart about it. Research, compare, always learn and don’t forget to have fun doing it!

The Pros and Cons of Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage is sports gambling’s best kept secret – some say it’s a betting system, others regard it even as an investment plan. The idea behind it revolves around the fact that individual bookmakers tend to set different odds. Gamblers can take advantage of that by placing bets on all outcomes of a game, or to put it simply – you bet that both teams win.

Let’s say Barcelona is playing Real Madrid. Now imagine that one bookmaker is giving 1.60 on Barcelona, and the other 1.40 on Real. You decide to bet $100 on each of the teams – with the respective bookie. Now this is a sure bet – you get your money back and get some extra profit. In this particular case, the least amount you’ll win is $40. Not bad!

Aside from being risk-free, lagalaxy911 can be extremely profitable if you find the right opportunity at the right time. You should be quick as suitable windows open and close in a matter of just a few minutes. Luckily, placing an arbitrage bet only takes so long – you don’t need to track statistics or even ponder too much whether you should gamble your hard-earned money. You can track the results via

However, you should consider the downsides of Arbing before stepping into action. Even though the bets themselves are safe, there is in fact a risk involved – the risk of you getting caught. It is not illegal, not at all – it is just you playing with the odds, but very few bookmakers tolerate this practice and they can ban you and even go as far as ruining your reputation so that other operators will ban you as well. Another point to be made is that if you want to make actual money out of it all, you’ll need to go big. Arbitrage bets don’t typically have big margins and you should put in a large sum to gain a good profit.

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Basic Advice for Novice Football Punters – Part 1

Getting into the betting world can be tricky. All of a sudden you’re tempted to try out all these advanced strategies and stake more and more money solely based on your gut feeling and desire to win. However, this is surely not the best idea – you can lose a lot of cash and give up. We have gathered a few essential tips to have in mind when getting started that will help you make earnings in the long run.

Number One: Bet on the Internet

It may sound obvious but the Internet allows you great freedom and presents a lot of information on your plate. It’s the most accessible way to bet and we dare say – the easiest. You can also take advantage of the many bonuses bookmaking sites give. You’ll also want to use not one, but many betting sites so that you pick the best odds from each and every one of them.

Number Two: Watch Football

Yes, yes, we are saying this for real. You’d be surprised how many people actually bet without paying attention to the game, just for the sake of it, or just because this or that obscure Turkish team has high odds. That’s not the correct way to do it. At all. After all, have some fun betting. Enjoy the games. Plus, that will give you some knowledge of the teams’ condition, their overall success rate, and their top players and so on.

Number Three: Control Your Spending

Having a dedicated bank account or even just a sum of money you spare from your budget that is specifically for betting goes a long way. You’ll have better chances to control your finances and not lose track of how much you can afford to spend. Also, this way you can track how successful your betting practice is – is it getting better or worse through the months.